Posted by:Srini Bhopal March 12th, 2014

Whenever we want to go to a restaurant, movie, museum, vacation, in short pretty much any activity including a walk in a park, out comes my iPhone and a quick search on Trip Advisor or Yelp or Facebook (to see if any of my contacts have posted anything) is made to find the most ‘promising’ options! And more and more, my family and I find ourselves picking the options which have 4 stars and above and have latest comments!

This is not our parents’ generation choice makers such as Zagat, Consumers Report, ….. which had a supposedly rigorous and ‘scientific’ process of evaluating products and services. This is anybody and everybody with access to the internet and the interest to write a few lines and rank – and those words are taken almost as seriously as the erstwhile choice makers!

In talking and working with a host of business leaders, we find this phenomenon taking on a life of its own. We have met resort managers starting their day with reviewing the Trip Advisor comments and frantically trying to respond to each and every post! We have met bakery owners fretting about not getting any young people walking in their doors as they are not on Facebook!

In today’s hyper-connected world, it is not just enough that your business can be found on Google search but also somebody must have used your product or service and said some kind words about their experience. Again, if those posts are more than 3 months old, they do not seem to have much relevance!

So in this brave, new world to be a successful business, it is not enough just to provide a great product but also encourage your customers to talk about it and constantly!

Does your business use social media to engage with customers? I would love to hear your experiences

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