Posted by:Monica Samuel March 14th, 2011

What is common between websites of the Ferrari car company, Kroger the multi-department store chain, the Chicago tourism bureau and the Texas state government? All of them are built on SharePoint! These are very few but popular names who have embraced Microsoft SharePoint platform to offer product & services or to showcase their products.

But why SharePoint?

Till sometime back SharePoint was generally recognized as an Intranet and ECM (Enterprise content management) software which can simplify document sharing, content management and search. Over time, people recognized a significant advantage of this platform over other conventional software packages, its user interface, which is not only intuitive for end users but also for the content managers who manages the information and administer website. Also, it’s a no-code solution, which means you can setup your website in some minutes without writing a single line of code. Hence, business users who are not developers can create their own sites/sub sites and collaborate with other users.Many organizations have either replaced or are replacing their existing public facing websites with SharePoint, not only desktop based but mobile based sites also. It offers a great flexibility to developers, there are endless development possibilities which include but not limited to:

    • Web parts
    • SharePoint features
    • Workflows
    • Business Intelligence
Developers can also leverage SharePoint object model and use web services for integrating other software solution like SAP, BizTalk, and many more. SharePoint is fully customizable solution; you can change the look and feel or improve the GUI as per your requirements.

Overall, SharePoint provides an outstanding enterprise solution.

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