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The funny part is the name. Sencha. Did you know that Sencha is the name of a Japanese green tea? It’s made without grinding the leaves. Lightly simmered, extremely flavorful and yet terrifically adaptable – you’re getting the drift?

Native Is As Native Does…. Sencha – mobile app development, mobile web apps, cross platform app development

App Developers have been using Sencha’s JavaScript library to build web UIs in mobile app development for some time now. The thing is, these apps look, feel and operate the way native apps do. How does Sencha manage to achieve that perfect native mobile app ambience on multiple devices? You guessed it – of course! Sencha supports HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 – the three stalwarts of mobile web app development.


What’s In It For The User?

Users are always fascinated by cool transition effects in their apps. Sencha doesn’t disappoint. There are literally eight in-built transition efforts, including pop, flip, cube and slide over or under the current element! What’s more, it supports all common touch gestures as well – scroll, pinch, tap, swipe, double tap.

How Does Sencha Compare To A Native App? 

Sencha uses Cordova (PhoneGap, anyone?) to access your device’s camera, compass, and microphone. Using a native shell such as PhoneGap, Sencha creates native mobile apps that can access native-only components. The end result? You can download Sencha apps just like any other native app from your app marketplace.

So Far So Good – Any Limitations?

Glad you asked. The limitations are set by the packager; in this case, the native shell that Sencha uses – PhoneGap. Apparently Sencha Touch comes with its own native packager (included in Sencha Touch 2 SDK tools).

Sencha Touch 2.2.1 is the latest version, designed to run on:

  • Android browser
  • Google Chrome for Android
  • BlackBerry 10
  • Bada Mobile Browser
  • Kindle Fire Browser
  • Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 IE10
  • Mobile Safari
Going forward, Sencha Touch 2.3 may even support the Tizen browser and maybe even Firefox Mobile. What say?

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