Cloud Services / Security as a Service

Security as a Service

An integrated multi-cloud and hybrid cyber resilience approach enables you to anticipate, protect against, withstand, and recover from adverse cyber events.

  • Traditionally, businesses have looked to cloud services to save costs, experiment with new technology, and provide growth capacity. Cloud providers can invest more than businesses can in technology, people, and processes to deliver a more secure infrastructure. Hence, increasingly, companies are also looking to the public cloud for their security.
  • Due to improper security management, workloads across the environment can get more prone to cyber-attacks. Using defense-in-depth principles, BTC’s cloud security services create an IT infrastructure that is more secure and easier to manage than traditional technologies.

Security-as-a-Service Offerings From BTC

Identity and Access Management Service

Evolve your Identity and Access Management Program with BTC Security services.

Data Security

Protect your data against internal and external threats.

Cloud Infrastructure Security Service

Protect your infrastructure from sophisticated cybersecurity threats with proven security skills, expertise and modern solutions.

Security-as-a-Service Solution Benefits

Continuous Monitoring


24×7 monitoring security processes for any unusual activity.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss

Prevent data loss or theft by checking the integrity of the data.

Disaster Recovery and Business continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business continuity

Making sure your IT and business operations are online instantly after a catastrophic event.

Intrusion Detection and Management

Intrusion Detection and

Recognize and help manage intrusions prevention.

Identity Access Management User Authentication

Identity Access Management/ User Authentication

User management tools only offer access to sensitive information after the user passes the identity verification check.

Security Auditing


Examine if the security measures set up in the place are compliant with industry standards.

Data Encryption


Securing the transmission of data over a network.

Realtime Vulnerability Scanning

Realtime Vulnerability

Proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure for any security issues

Event Logging

Event Logging

Security solutions help log and trace events on your system and then look for any abnormal activity.

Enhanced Security


We have security experts who understand recent security trends and stick to cybersecurity best practices to cope with today’s increasing security standards.

Cost Optimization


When you opt for SECaaS, you pay only for your service. This way, you save a lot of money.

Expert Support


To cope with today’s increasing security standards, we have security experts who have a great understanding of recent security trends and stick to cybersecurity best practices.

Technical Account Manager

Technical Account

A dedicated Technical Account Manager who will be by your side throughout your journey to help you fully harness the power of Google Cloud. He will be assisting throughout your cloud journey.

Secure your cloud infrastructure with BTC