Posted by:McKinley Hackett April 26th, 2016

The IoT market is huge. The worldwide spend will be $348 million in 2016, $434 million in 2017 and $547 million in 2018. Analyst firms predict that over half of all IoT implementations will use some form of cloud-based security by 2020. 

There will be billions of devices connected to the Internet.  The increases in communications, analytics, and efficiencies are going to be outstanding, however the risk is our exposure to security breaches.   The most notable hack was the 40 million credit card numbers theft from Target, which was initiated through a HVAC company’s product as the entry point.

When selecting solutions, find partners who have a long term perspective:

  1. They think long term instead of a “Ship and Forget” mentality
  2. They have Technical Competence in resources and experience
  3. Security is more important than creating products which are nifty/cool/exciting
A series of companies here in Boston put on a “White Hat” (reference: TV show Scandal) every day to help the market safely leverage the incredible opportunities available in IoT and connected networks.   Check out IANS who provides security research and consulting, Xively who provides a platform for IoT devices and services, and Security Innovation who provides software security.

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