Posted by:Ranjani Rao July 27th, 2011

Scala is one of the most powerful object oriented programming languages today with the right mix of imperative and functional programming styles. It integrates seamlessly with Java and .NET, making it the language of choice for businesses with existing Java or .NET based systems. Scala is the ideal next step as it doesn’t necessarily replace existing code, it works with it to boost business performance and support growth.

Scala is not a superset of Java, it is different in many aspects – expressive type system, traits, operator overloading, function passing, and loads more. So why use Scala at all? Seasoned Java programmers know that Java has limitations and problems of its own. Scala resolves these issues and interoperates with Java in unparalleled ways. At the same time, Scala offers reduced code size, improved scalability, enhanced productivity, and greater reliability over what Java brings to the table.

Liftis a multithreaded web development framework that’s built on Scala and used for Scala coding. It greatly improves developer productivity by enabling faster debugging on a secure platform, easier deployment, easy maintenance, high performance and compatibility with existing systems. Highlights of Lift include its capability to run in any Java application server, execute inline Java and most importantly support Comet out of the box. Lift handles Comet scaling issues easily with efficient use of resources. Novell’s Vibe Cloud product, the cloud-based, real-time collaboration platform for enterprises is the perfect example of how ably Lift supports Comet.

More and more businesses are moving towards Scala for the development of enterprise apps and production systems (including critical applications). LinkedIn, Twitter, Novell, The Guardian, Xerox, FourSquare, Siemens, Sony, Xebia, Thatcham, and ADHoldings are some of the companies that have adopted Scala to enhance productivity and reliably scale their applications in tune with business growth.

Scala 2.9.0 is the latest Scala distribution that’s available for download on its website. The language has come a long way from when it was born in 2001 under the mastery of Java expert Martin Odersky, Professor at EPFL. Knowing the ins and outs of Java, he wanted to make the Java experience better. He started with Java Generics that’s a huge success in the Java community. However, he understood that tweaks alone could not make Java a better language. Subtle but far-reaching changes were required at a basic level. He came up with Scala that leveraged the object-oriented aspects of Java and functional programming concepts for better performance.

Martin Odersky was at the Java Open Source Convention, OSCON on Monday (July 25) to talk about Scala and its role in keeping things simple in today’s world of parallel and concurrent computing challenges. Scala is being adopted for web platforms, trading platforms, financial modeling, and simulations across the globe as it is fast to first product and very scalable afterwards.

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