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SAP Mobile Platform (formerly Sybase Unwired Platform) is one of the industry’s leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP). SAP Mobile Platform accelerates the development and delivery of scalable and secure enterprise apps to any device, on premise or in the cloud.

With tools and SDKs for mobile application creation, SAP mobile platform allows for an end to end approach for creating mobile apps. The centrally controlled security and management, along with multiple backend integration options make this a great choice for enterprises to build  native, hybrid, and mobile web apps for mobile devices, wearables, and desktops.

SAP Mobile Platform also comes with Integration Gateway, a reusable technology component that provides an integration layer among all solutions in the SAP portfolio. The design-time tools and the associated run-timesupports various protocols such as JPA, SOAP, JDBC etc to access data from various SAP and non-SAP data sources. While they support access to non-SAP data sources, OData Channel (ODC) is for accessing OData services provisioned via SAP Gateway. 

The major advantage of SMP is that of its ability to integrate with other SAP products that may be already a part of the organization. BTC’s expertise on the SMP platform can help your organization leverage the benefits of this agile, simple and highly adaptable platform.

With the increased demand for mobile apps that will take advantage of the exploding popularity of smartphones and tablets, enterprises are looking at an entire suite of business apps as they look to mobile-enable their enterprise systems. A key consideration that arises then is the TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership) of these projects – from the cost of application development to infrastructure to the lifetime costs of running, maintaining and updating these apps. Thats precisely where a platform solution like SAP Mobile Platform can result in significantly reduced TCO costs.

SMP comes equipped with the following features 

  • Ability to deploy consumer , enterprise  and partner applications on a single secure and scalable platform
  • SMP provides one central control for all application connections along with integration to enterprise authentication and authorization;
  • One of the most important features is of course the built-in backend integration . With different backend connectors available, authentication and role management becomes easier and effective. 
  • SMP’s Mobile SDK delivers standardized concepts for protecting data  across all supported mobile device platforms. Data Vault can be used to store security artifacts like cached credentials, security tokens, encryption keys and more
  • SMP has version control that allows multiple software and data models to run in parallel. It ensures a hassle free migration to new versions without major productivity impact.
  • SAP Mobile Platform also offers seamless online/offline connectivity.

Every organization needs customized mobility solutions. Customization requires a thorough  understanding of your business, operations, processes and users and how it can create value for your company.BTC’s domain and technical experts can help craft a customized solution that will leverage SAP’s Mobile Platform and align with your mobility strategy.

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