Data Brought To Life

The most innovative companies in the world use Roambi to get data out of HQ, and into the hands of people who need it most. From mobile execs to field reps, Roambi drives better decisions and productivity in the moments they happen. No matter where your data is coming from, Roambi Analytics transforms it into a simple, engaging, and intuitive experience to help you and your users understand your numbers.

Data is the life blood of any organization, and Roambi is optimized to get critical information into the hands of everyone, from the corner office to the factory floor in a form thats simple, engaging and intuitive.

  • Roambi Analytics™
    A data visualization tool for mobile users, allowing you to easily create, publish, and share the most engaging experiences for your data.
  • Roambi Flow™
    Lets you easily create rich, multi-touch publications that let you surround your analytics with context and tell the story behind the numbers.

By partnering with Roambi, BTC now offers users a simple and intuitive user experience and enables better decision-making.

Contact Us to see how Roambi can be integrated into your enterprise. The benefits include accessing data from a variety of back-end sources, easy data visualization templates and easy report publishing, sharing and access.