Posted by:Shyam Deval January 8th, 2016

Apple ResearchKit is making a lot of news these days in clinical and medical research with the glamorous launch of multiple of research apps. Using mobile phones as a research tool seems to be a game changer.More than 15 apps have been launched in less than an year.

Apple ResearchKit has some inevitable limitations. As of now, only those users who own an iOS device can participate in the research. According to a Nielsen’s report, nearly 52% of smartphone users  in the US have an Android device.

This limitation of not being able to reach out to nearly 50% of smartphone users from diverse backgrounds is a strong hindrance. This is where ResearchStack jumps in.

Technologists at Cornell Tech, open mHealth and TouchLab are building a set of UX frameworks which can be used to build research apps.The goal of the stack would be to adapt existing iOS apps (using ResearchKit ) to Android and Vice Versa.

The main advantage of this would be tapping the huge set of participants using android. Secondly this will also give people from varied demographics and diversity.As a researcher such diverse set of partcipants is a much needed requirement.

Google has its own health data collecting kit called study kit which can be used to collect the data. Although it is for partners associated wi  the option to develop the apps in 2 major mobi.I hope that we will see more research apps in these 2 platforms.

ResearchStack is still in alpha stage with beta version scheduled to launch this month.You can get more information about the framework here.

Learn the major features of the Apple ResearchKit.Click on the image below to see the demo!

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