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Apple’s ResearchKit

Apple ResearchKit is an open source software framework that will allow developers to create iPhone apps apps that can be used to collect data for medical research. This promises to bring the mobile ‘anytime anywhere’ ability to medical research data collection.

ResearchKit Modules

ResearchKit provides three modules that can be customized and built upon by the app developers. These modules provide base functionality for items commonly needed in medical research such as surveys, participant consent and simple active tasks that users perform such as walking, sitting and talking. The data generated by the surveys and active tasks is then made available to the researchers to analyze.

How BTC will help you leverage ResearchKit

  • BTC can build highly interactive and user-friendly mobile apps to drive up the participation rate in the study and the level of engagement.
  • BTC can build research apps that can keep participants engaged in the study and control attrition rate.
  • BTC has the expertise to build additional functionality into the app as needed by the research study.
  • BTC can integrate the research app with health information systems and other backend systems as needed.
  • BTC has experience with building HIPAA compliant healthcare solutions
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How Can Apple’s ResearchKit Benefit Your Research?

Attracting/retaining participants

Launching the ResearchKit app in app store means a pool of hundreds of millions of smartphone owners worldwide can access it and participate in medical studies

Leverage ‘anywhere anyplace’ premise of the mobile to collect data

Costs can be minimized through efficient research processes and increased participation

In App Communication

Keep the participants engaged with task reminders, simple tips, etc.

Provision to promote healthy habits, lifestyle etc.

Information sharing becomes more instantaneous and personal (through push notifications and flash news)

Bring down the resource and logistical constraints of conducting a study

Data gathering is effortless as the app uses the iPhone featues for capturing data

Eliminates the resources required and negates the risk of entering wrong data as in the case of manual data entry

Scope for capturing new types of data in the form of voice/image/video etc.

Think Data (Big)

ResearchKit can integrate with HealthKit and other apps which will open up a gamut of relevant data streams

The tremendous volume and variety of qualified data will help researchers get deeper insights

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