Posted by:Boston Technology Corporation June 7th, 2018

A publication1 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights how some of the widely prevalent chronic diseases in the US are also among the costliest in US healthcare and to note, the most preventable of health conditions.

Preventive healthcare can avoid incidences of illness or onset of diseases, and help detect problems before symptoms set in – thereby empowering patients and providers take action well in time. Making preventive healthcare patient-centric involves providing patients with the tools and information to adopt health best practices, have an increased awareness of symptoms, risk factors and prevention measures, and having easy access to expert advice.

Patient-centric mobile apps are a good tool to use for preventive healthcare. Mobile apps built for evolving smartphone platforms allow for patients to have on-the-go access to health information and doctors, while also leveraging native device features to make for a superior patient experience. Think push notifications that draw attention to an important medical publication or a reminder for an annual medical appointment. Or activity sensors that allow the app to detect when the patient hasn’t been exercising enough. Apps aimed at preventive healthcare should offer a healthy feature set such as for example, relevant articles/news feed, ability to look up symptoms and terms, a personalized health check-up calendar, a best practices adherence tracker, the ability to reach out to a clinician or health counselor for an e-consult through chat/audio call/video call and more.

As a wellness company, healthcare provider or health-advocating organization, it would be fruitful to invest in an app that you can use to engage your patients with to help them navigate the path of preventive healthcare. It’s all about awareness after all, and awareness is what drives action. Preventive health apps act as a vehicle to bring about awareness and initiate action and positive change into patient’s lives.



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