Posted by:Monica Samuel June 13th, 2012

After many years of waiting and hearing about Oracle Fusion and the coming together of platforms and services, Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison has finally announced the release of Oracle Cloud. According to the OTN description, ‘Oracle Cloud offers a broad portfolio of Software as a Service applications, Platform as a Service, and social capabilities, all on a subscription basis. Oracle Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for end users, administrators, and developers alike through functionally rich, integrated, secure, enterprise cloud services.’

Talking about Oracle Cloud with customers and analysts at Oracle’s headquarters in Redwood City, California, Ellison ceded that Oracle Fusion, often referred to as Oracle Confusion by competitors, was ‘as difficult a thing as we have done at Oracle.’ He also said that it was not a task they could do themselves and they had to make the right acquisitions to help them along the way. He however added that ‘simply buying things would not have been enough.’

In the last few months, Oracle acquired Collective Intellect – a company that specializes in collecting customer data from Facebook and Twitter posts; Vitrue – a leading cloud-based social marketing and engagement platform for centrally creating, publishing, managing, measuring and reporting on social marketing campaigns and activities on social media platforms; and Taleo Corp – a leading provider of cloud-based talent management.

Ellison emphasized that Oracle Cloud is different from other cloud providers out there but has similarities to Amazon’s cloud offering. Oracle Cloud is elastic and will respond to capacity on-demand. It also brings the ability to ‘move things gracefully back and forth’ between the cloud and on-premise platforms thereby enabling end users to develop and deploy Web sites without any assistance from programmers. Everything available on the cloud will also be available on-premise and vice versa.

Ellison also talked about ‘customer freedom’ wherein customers will decide when they want to upgrade. His cautious statement, ‘We will let you, within reason, schedule the upgrade.’

Ellison maintained that Oracle Cloud is a complete cloud-based solution with everything a customer would need included with services for platform, application, custom infrastructure, and social. Social services allow Oracle to drive ‘social relationship management’ which Ellison states is not the same as customer relationship management but rather working with people before they become customers to forge relationships that will eventually make them customers.

Oracle Cloud is rolling out with more than 100 standards-based, enterprise-grade applications for numerous mission-critical business functions such as sales and marketing, customer experience, human capital management, and enterprise resource planning. Platform services support rapid and effective development, testing, and deployment of enterprise-class business applications. Social services enable organizations to transform business processes with innovative social collaboration, marketing and insight services. And there are comprehensive products for cloud providers to build and manage private clouds, and managed cloud services to help customers fully manage and/or host their clouds.

Find out more at Oracle’s Technology Network.

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