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One crucial Mobile App UX design lesson. Simple, Really !!

Since the advent of smartphones, devices have been getting smaller, the screens more compact, the users many and the contexts for use, endless. We, as a population have taken to smartphones like pizza to cheese. Seriously.

We now have people of all ages, addicted to their mobiles. From checking emails to pill reminders to games to networking and from executives and doctors, to moms and seniors.. we have myriad uses for the mobile. And use it, in many different ways. At work, jostling on the train, in restaurants, in crowds, in and out of the city, in and out of networks.. Complicated.

Which is the biggest reason for app UX designers to embrace the first rule for custom mobile app design. Simplicity.Good app design puts the user and user experience, foremost. And good user experience comes when an app is simple and easy to read.

Here’s an example, picture a busy mom checking her smartphone on a train while keeping an eye on her toddlers. Or a busy CXO who has an a mobile dashboard open that gives him just all the facts he wants for his next board meeting with a just few easy clicks. Diverse cases, but what both users want is for the app to be laid out in an simple, easy to use manner. When the screens are intuitive and navigation is not guesswork, half the designer’s battle is won.

Simplicity – a complex theory in itself. Especially, when you factor in the variety of screen sizes, browsers and devices in use today.

But, here are certain ground rules that designers must follow to ensure successful apps

1) One clear goal for the app – Just one concise, clear goal. Here is a link to a blog I wrote just on this point.

2) Uncluttered screens – Don’t try to cram too many choices for the user. He’s just going to get confused and not come back.

3) Short paths – Don’t make the user click on more an 1-2 buttons to get to what they want. Anything more that is bad design.

4) Simple messages – Keep you messages simple and to the point. Don’t distract, dont divert attention.

5) Use white space – With good judgment, of course.

Creating a visually appealing app that is intuitive and simple is more complicated that it appears to be. But, starting with the ultimate goal of ‘SIMPLICITY’ and following the rules above and iterating should get you there. Simple, right?

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