Posted by:Srini Bhopal November 29th, 2013

Mobile solutions are transforming how sales executives conduct their business,integrate with marketing departments,and engage customers. As custom mobile apps for sales ( mSales) continue to help sales departments reduce costs, optimize workflows, and deliver higher monetary returns and competitive advantage, make way for mobile POS.

Prepare for retail billing, inventory management and logistics to go the mPOS way. The point-of-sale barcode scanners that we know may soon become antiques as more businesses realize the multi-pronged benefits of using a smart mobile device for a barcode scanner.

Standard bar code scanners are used to read the barcode into a database system which may or may not be integrated with business systems. Secondly, barcode scanners of yore come with wired attachments that aren’t the best idea for movement and small spaces (warehouse, cramped storage spaces, etc.). Plus, they need maintenance and they’re clunky. The battery operated models are better but they are still an additional device to carry around. And they’re not very easy to use if manual data entry is required for come operations.

So, mPOS. They’re portable, ubiquitous (owing to their residence on your mobile smartphone or tablet), easy to use, and constantly connected to the cloud and SaaS based business systems such as inventory, supply management, ERP, etc.


So how smart is the mPOS?

  • No hardware cost
  • Minimal software cost
  • Ready to use instantly
  • Equipped with mobile data capture technology
  • Instant updates to suppliers and providers for inventory management
  • Sales support
  • Analytics
  • Self-checkout options for consumers
  • Personalized use of sale coupons

The use of mobile technologies has become a business imperative for all organizational functions but especially so in sales where its impact is palpably evident in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

So, eager to learn more about Mobility ? Deep dive into your topic of interest !

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