Posted by:Monica Samuel July 31st, 2012

Mac OS X Mountain Lion is available to the public for an upgrade fee of $19.99. The latest upgrade makes Mac work even better with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch while also making the operating system beefier and securer. We’ve run a blog on the iOSization of Mac OS X 10.8 before so we’ll talk about other new or enhanced features in this article. In any case, Apple promises 200+ new features in Mountain Lion!

A new and interesting feature that’s been ported over from the third gen iPad is voice transcriptionorDictation. Use a keyboard shortcut or menu option to speak text and it will be transcribed as input into text fields and windows – languages can be English, Spanish, French, Japanese or German. Plus, the tool is self-learning; it gets better as you use it more – expands vocabulary, learns voice characteristics, and reads names off your contact list to avoid misspellings.

Now, your Mac works even if it sleeps with Power Nap. If your Mac is in sleep mode but plugged in, it will download updates and take backups with Time Machine silently. It also updates Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Notes, Photo Stream, Find My Mac, and Documents in the Cloud periodically. You won’t even know it.

For Facebook fans, Mac apps are tightly integrated with the social network so you can send posts, add comments and locations, send photos and more from within applications. Contacts from your Facebook profile are included in contacts on the Mac and their information is updated whenever your friends make changes to their details.  Sign in once and you’re set to go.

Tighter Twitter integration allows you to send tweets from within mobile apps and get notified whenever someone mentions you in a tweet. You can tweet links, photos, and more from Safari, iPhoto or Photo Booth with the new Tweet sheet too.


Small but needed additions have been made to the Safari browser to make it faster and smarter. Intelligent search with only one text field for search keywords as well as URLs has been included. As you type, Safari displays probable topics (search, bookmarks and history included) so you zero down on what you’re looking for faster. Tab view shows all open windows and recently closed tabs. This view is consistent with web pages you open on synced iPhone and iPad. Reading List now saves complete web pages for offline reading. And you have the best JavaScript performance to boot.

Improved accessibility features include a redesigned easier to use Accessibility pane that can be called anywhere with a keyboard shortcut. Fourteen new Braille displays and modifier keys support (including press and hold); reorder tables with column header, and drag items to hotspot with VoiceOver all make Mac OS X more user-friendly.

Other improvements are seen in Contacts – unified view, share button, and groups column; Calendar – sidebar, new date picker, event notifications, etc.; new language dictionaries – Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and German; Finder – easy encryption, quick look, etc,; Mail,QuickTime X, TextEdit and System. Get all the details here.

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