Posted by:Srini Bhopal August 18th, 2011

Business Intelligence (BI) is what drives top level decisions in businesses. That is why enterprises have been investing in BI software since many years. The need for effective and accurate BI tools has become even more vital in the economic downturn with businesses trying to make the most of limited resources, cutting corners wherever possible without hurting productivity, and looking for new business opportunities.

Way back, companies relied on spreadsheets and local databases to store historical data. Getting up-to-date information when needed took a few hours and the information was not linked to the external market. Some small companies still follow that routine. In today’s financial turbulence, delayed or uninformed decisions prove very costly as businesses lose out on growth opportunities, even sink.

Businesses have a vast choice in BI tools today and they can be customized to meet changing business requirements. .NET technology is ideal for the development of powerful BI tools that are also easy to use.

What to expect from .NET Business Intelligence?

An enterprise BI solution involves the design, generation and distribution of reports to support decision making. By evaluating and analyzing key business metrics and anticipating future performance, businesses can take the right decisions at the right time.

BI software helps your business by:

    • Taking guesswork out of the picture: Decisions are based on historical data, real-time updates, ‘what-if’ analysis reports, trends, correlated reports from departments and similar information rather than gut feelings.
    • Supporting timely decisions: If a manager has a business question, the software can get the answer in seconds. No time is wasted in wading through volumes of reports.
    • Furnishing information any time, any place: BI tools come with mobile options that allow you to access critical data, dashboards, and other information on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.
    • Using knowledge to increase profits: BI reports provide insights into customer behavior, spending habits, preferences, etc., allowing businesses to target audiences more effectively. By analyzing purchasing habits of customers or the demographic, time of year, season, etc., cross-selling and up-selling avenues can be identified.
    • Increasing productivity: BI software helps detect bottlenecks in internal processes and identify areas for improvement within department operations. The reports give an exact idea of costs, expenses, inventory levels, etc., so you can make necessary changes for business profitability.
BI software allows you to look at data from different perspectives. You can break sales into regions, customer segments, product types, stores, time zones; look at past and present data and make future predictions, see results of hypothetical situations – information that helps you take better decisions. According to IDC, 2010 saw the BI tools market grow by 11.4%. Apart from the big brands that are shipping BI tools – Oracle Enterprise BI Server, Microsoft BI Tools, Business Objects Enterprise XI (SAP), SAS Enterprise BI Server, IBM Cognos 8 BI, and others – many small vendors have also entered the field.

Vendors such as Klipfolio, Kerberos, Dundas, Boston Technologies, etc., are developing BI software that is being adopted by small and midsized businesses (SMB) for improved growth. Businesses are as strong as the BI software running behind the scenes.

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