Posted by:Srini Bhopal December 19th, 2013

Don’t fancy being constantly frustrated by behavior and performance issues from your custom mobile app? Wondering which best practices to follow to create compelling custom apps?

Designing a custom mobile app is always a unique proposition. Whatever you’ve learned by developing custom desktop apps will only go so far! Most enterprises have discovered, to their cost, that disappointing end results can be avoided only by following certain best practices.

A Change In Attitude Is Necessary

Some enterprises perceive custom mobile apps essentially as custom desktop apps reformatted for a small screen. They couldn’t be more wrong. With mobile apps, user interaction is dynamic and continuous. Information is constantly uploaded and downloaded. Screen sizes are small, communication channels vary – the list is endless. Creating a custom mobile app necessitates a certain change in the enterprise mindset.

Key Development Considerations

Here are certain design principles and practicalities to keep in mind:

1. Doing due diligence in the market for similar mobile apps

2. Figuring out custom mobile app development costs in advance.

3. Figuring out long-term costs towards app maintenance including future upgrades

4. Estimating app validity against ongoing changes in the mobility sector. Enterprises must be prepared for the fact that the app they code today might be redundant by the time it’s released.

5. Understanding the needs of the intended audience to ensure optimum app user experience.

6. Diligently following an iterative prototype and wire frame process during the entire design process.

7. Prioritizing intuitiveness and simplicity over jazz and hype.

8. Creating visually appealing and yet usable user interfaces for tiny spaces.

9. Integrating the best of device-capabilities without going over the top with touch features.

10. Thoroughly testing at every stage, taking advantage of live user feedback.

11. Coming up with a plan for app promotion.

12. Planning for long-term app maintenance needs (upgrade mode and scope, iterative feedback incorporation cycle)

13. Planning support for multiple devices, platforms and OS (adopting technologies that’ll enable seamless cross-media support)

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