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AdvisorAdit, came to BTC, to build a custom web application for financial advisors and providers to communicate to each other BTC built a mobile app for the adolescent obesity management program at BCH Thermofisher - the custom application development client Aramark - eCommerce application modernization Abiomed - BTC developed a mobile sales app that helped compare and contrast the performance of the clients device against that of competitors

Why have custom mobile apps become the next BIG thing?

The need to stay connected , the need to access information and the need to make sense of that information overload is a universal one.

This is precisely why mobility has made such an impact.

The explosion of smartphones, tablets and related apps has revolutionized the world today. It has become a productivity driver, creator of opportunities, facilitator of learning and collaboration, and most of all, trailblazer for a whole new way of living and working.

As the line between work and personal time blurs into nothing, employees and businesses need solutions that enable them to work anytime anywhere. Enterprise mobility enhances productivity by enabling smarter workflows for a diverse audiences – from feet-on-street workers in Sales to internal HR and IT teams ; from physicians and nurses to finance managers and investment bankers. A buzzword no more, leveraging mobility has become a necessity.

  • mHealth

    Mobility Apps that improve patient outcomes, optimize workflows, save resources, enable remote care, contribute to public health, and enhance ROI.

  • mFinance

    Mobility for anytime, anywhere access to investors, research data, stock market analysis, and investment catalogs to engage clients and add value to their portfolio.

  • custom mobile software for sales professionals


    Mobility ensures on- the- go access to enterprise’s marketing library and CRM, boosting the sales professional’s ability to engage a customer , update data on the go and take informed decisions.


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