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Custom Mobile Apps for Sales Folks

Information deluge . Rising client expectations. Increasing sales pressure.

In today’s fast paced world of right here, right now access, mobility solutions have opened a new world of possibilities for sales professionals to meet the challenges they face.

Mobility solutions help to boost their productivity and sale outcomes as well as build customer relationships, all the while saving company time and resources. Information deluge .


The Sales Ecosystem – Players and Possibilities

The whitepapers below explore how smartphones and tablets are giving sales and marketing professionals the freedom to leverage business opportunities without having to be tethered to a desk.

For Sales Executives


For Sales Managers


For Marketing Managers


Customer Success

BTC developed an app that was the new-age portable, electronic catalog to showcase the ornate and exquisite mirrors of the client. A sales agent’s delight – an iPad was all they needed to be able to carry around hundreds of product designs, build custom albums tailored to their client’s taste and run customized slideshows at events. Comprehensive product information along with a facility for dynamic pricing made this app even more valuable as a sales tool.

BTC built two versions of the app – a public version that could be used by anyone to browse, search and share product information, and an employee version with exclusive functionality meant to boost workforce productivity and leverage sales activity. With its contents being powered by a robust back-end CMS, the app could be constantly updated to reflect latest offerings, news updates and more.

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We build
  • Client Engagement Solutions
  • Analytics and Reporting Apps
  • Sales Productivity Solutions
You get
  • A tangible way to close the sales-marketing gap
  • Powerful sales tool to close deals faster
  • Impactful branding, prospect education and client engagement.

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