Posted by:Srini Bhopal January 14th, 2014

Whoever said mobile strategy is  ‘good to have’ is surely kidding. It is 2014 and enterprise mobile strategy has made the leap from ‘feel good’ to absolute necessity.

Device proliferation, increasing smartphone usage, the rise of BYOD and BYOA in companies has paved the way for more smarter exploitation of mobility among enterprises. It is now the age of local search, context based mobile experiences, sentiment analysis based marketing, wearables and cloud based marketing.

Businesses, this is the new reality. As the cliche goes, time to wake up and smell the coffee. Now is the time to lay the foundation for a prudent mobile strategy that will add to your competitive edge.

Here are 3 reasons why your business needs a mobile strategy starting NOW –

Reason 1) The Explosion of Local Search:

1 in every 5 searches has local intent. And yes, this is according to Google. Need I say more? The sheer convenience and portability of mobile devices has lead to the growth of numbers in consumers searching for local businesses and taking action. So, if you are not optimized for the mobile or are not investing in an app that can engage this audience, you are basically saying goodbye to a tremendous opportunity.

Reason 2) Actionable Insights from Big Data

Every business today has access to huge amounts of data. Data which might as well be meaningless unless care is taken to draw valuable insights from it. Insights that include sentiment analysis, customer purchase patterns, multi-device conversion stats, website analystics. And more importantly, insights that can prove critical to formulating strategy. Think mobile campaigns and ads, mobile websites, app monetization, mobile coupons and more.

Reason 3) The Rise of Enterprise App Stores

The mobile workforce is growing.. and rapidly. The BYOD rush is leading IT departments to combat it with enterprise app stores, where app downloads, usage and security is monitored and regulated. An unregulated environment with enterprise users going outside the firewall to public app stores is bound to spell disaster. Custom enterprise mobile apps coupled with proactive measures like MDM ( Mobile Device Management) and MAM ( Mobile App Management) are key to helping and serving customers and employees, alike.

So, go on, get your mobile strategy going !

Want to know the 5 important considerations to keep in mind before formulating a mobile strategy? Download this helpful infographic and get started right now –

So, eager to learn more about Mobility ? Deep dive into your topic of interest !

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