Posted by:Monica Samuel December 1st, 2010

I nearly jumped right off my seat when I saw this graph. Lets face it, the battle ground is shifting towards the the smartphone/tablet arena. Waiting for your computer to boot-up is so 20th century. If you cannot be reached with a swipe and tap, you might as well be invisible to a vast swath of your customer-base.There used to be a time when people had to go to the mall to shop together. But with Facebook redefining the social experience, consumers now have a plethora of social shopping experiences to choose from. Groupon (which Google is soon going to pay a gazillion dollars to acquire) and Mertado are some of the early adopters of the online-social-shopping experience.

With Foursquare and Facebook Places, your in-store customers are “checking-in” and becoming “mayors” of your store.


Say goodbye to loyalty cards: you now have everything you need to offer points, rewards and special discounts through the location-aware smartphone that your customer is carrying.

The combination of social networking and location aware services provides a wide array of opportunities to increase the visibility of your products & services and take the lead inengaging your customers like never before.

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