Mobile Development Frameworks and Cross Platform Development

Mobile Development Frameworks


Multi-Channel, One Platform

Serving multiple channels and devices without increasing costs means one thing – a solution that can be built once and deployed everywhere.

Be it native apps, hybrid apps or mobile web solutions, with its extensive experience BTC can help you define the best mobile development option to serve your multi-channel user base.

With BTC’s cross-platform, multi-channel app development team, you get:

  • Faster time to market
  • Lower costs
  • Easier deployment
  • Smarter app management

Cross Platform Development

The choice of going cross-platform or native is closely tied to the nature and functionality of the app. At BTC, we have experience with various mobile development frameworks and also the knowledge to identify whether cross-platform is the right approach in a given situation.

BTC has worked with the following mobile development frameworks for building hybrid apps and mobile web solutions:

  • cross platform mobile app development using HTML5
  • phonegap cross platform app development framework
  • titanium cross platform app development framework
    Titanium Appcelerator
  • sencha cross platform app development framework
  • jquery mobile, jquery for mobile app development
    jQuery Mobile

Our experience across the band of various mobile development approaches and technologies position us to provide valuable input into the choice of the mobile development platform – a choice that works for you.

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