Posted by:Srini Bhopal January 23rd, 2013

Here’s another piece of news that may influence you to purchase an iPad or iPhone, if you haven’t got to it already. According to Ovum’s report, iPad and iPhone are the leading platforms targeted by Mobile BI vendors and used by enterprise customers, with iPad preferred among the two. Apple’s devices are closely followed by Android. Yesteryear enterprise kings, BlackBerry follow some points behind, with Windows Phone 8 and RT further down the list.

However, Fredrik Tunvall, an Ovum analyst, adds that Mobile BI vendors must consider supporting native or hybrid apps for Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT as Microsoft has made inroads in the tablet market with Surface. The probability of Windows Phone entering the enterprise space is quite high.

Mobile BI solutions have been in the works for many years but started grabbing genuine interest only recently with the release of increasingly powerful mobile devices and better technology. Many mid-sized vendors recognized the opportunity early and developed Mobile BI solutions that are highly acclaimed and must-have products at many businesses today. Ovum’s report suggests that mid-sized vendors such as MicroStrategy, Information Builders and Yellowfin are leading the field with advanced yet very useable mobile solutions.

The industry biggies aren’t far behind either. SAP, IBM, Oracle and SAS are intent to claim their share of the Mobile BI market in 2013.

Mobile BI for collaborative business decisions

Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer restricted to back-end desks and data analysts. BI is getting stronger, better and more relevant with more senior executives pitching into the decision making process along with line-of-business managers. Mobile BI enables personnel to access live data on the go as well as send in their inputs for better collaboration. Board meetings start off with members already filled in on critical numbers and analysis. This gives each member more time to digest information, make cogitative suggestions, and have a more participative discussion for the benefit of the business and stakeholders.

In today’s volatile market, Mobile BI is not a ‘nice to have’ tool but a must. Businesses must take advantage of market opportunities instantly to maintain their competitive edge. It’s all about fast decisions and fast actions – a perfect scenario for Mobile BI use.

According to The BI Survey 12 – the globe’s largest end-user BI survey conducted by the Business Application Research Center (BARC), Mobile BI will be a disruptive technology in BI. Gartner’s Joao Tapadinhas reinforces this belief by predicting that Mobile BI users will constitute over 30 percent of the number of overall BI users, worldwide, by 2016.

It’s quite clear that majority of enterprises realize that Mobile BI is ‘important,’ even ‘critical.’ Gartner predicts that 2013 will be the year mobile improves BI, situational awareness increases with business dashboards integrating with multiple data sources, and implementations getting more service-centric.

Mobile BI has jumped up the priority list.

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