Posted by:Shyam Deval August 25th, 2015

To begin with, who isn’t familiar with application performance monitoring? Well, when it is associated with mobile apps, it is more like having old wine in the new bottle. As enterprises struggle to find their sweet spot with enterprise mobility, application performance monitoring takes the center stage with compelling data on app usage metrics and user behaviors.


Why does MAPM matter?

Enterprises are always looking out for ways to quantify ROI on their mobility initiatives in terms of improved end user engagement, enhanced employee productivity, streamlined workflows and lessened mobile app abandonment.MAPM comes with the promise of identifying the bottle necks in using a mobile app – both from the application side as well as user side. In other words MAPM tools can essentially deal with both sides of the coin.

The variety of devices and mobile operating systems available in the market makes it a challenging task to monitor the real time app behavior and performance. Only an MAPM tool can handle the diversity effectively to monitor details such as mobile device hardware issues, network carrier issues, real time app behavior, app performance issues, issues with third party APIs, crash diagnostics etc.

From the user side, an MAPM can point to user behaviors such as activity measurements, preferences on mobile device/OS, most used mobile app feature, the stage where users leave an app in favor of mobile browsers etc.

Thus MAPMs can trigger a lot of proactive and reactive actions based on the nature of the issue.

Who should implement MAPM?

Any business that has an active mobile presence should implement MAPM tools. MAPM not only give insights to the performance of mobile apps. Consumer focused sectors like retail, hospitality, healthcare, banking etc. will have persona driven data available from MAPM tools that could be used for better marketing, product launching, customer engagements etc. As for other businesses, analysis of data from MAPM tools will throw light into employee productivity, process efficiency, end user engagement, etc.

MAPM is therefore not an industry specific concept. Investment in mobile app performance monitoring thus becomes obligatory for every business that strive to maximize their mobility outcome.

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