Posted by:Nithin Rao November 26th, 2013

A Super-quick Look At Mobile App User Experience Testing!

What comes into your mind when you hear, ‘Mobile App User Experience Testing’? Quick, write those thoughts down. Then read what we have to say about it.

If you’re thinking of structured, in-house test cases, think again. Nothing so very nice and comfy anymore. It’s a lot more legwork and a lot less air conditioning to test mobile app user experience these days!

Now It’s All Lightweight And Guerilla Testing, People!

Going Paper-full!

Who said going paperless is the way to go forward? Not mobile app developers. Now developers take printouts of proposed prototype screens to the masses. Do the actual users think the app is good enough to start coding? What else would they like to see in it? That’s what developers want to know.

Taking It For A Ride

Next they take the actual app prototype to a crowded place like a mall. Real life users are quick to point out screens that appear dark outside, and fonts and colors that look out of place. Think your app looks and works great indoors? Try out this litmus test.

Capturing User Gestures

ecording user’s gestures and screen activity and testing it using software such as Morae is all the rage now. This helps analyze the app’s response rate, smoothness of process and screen flows. It’s great for stakeholders too – who can say no to live video feedback on what works and what doesn’t?

Testing On Different Networks

When people use their mobile apps on the go, it’s normal to experience some loss of wireless and network service connectivity. When interrupted, does the app resume previous session smoothly or fail? What about speed of processes on different connections? Why not test the apps out on users’ own devices and network connections to find out? That’s exactly what developers do. On rattling trains and buses, going through tunnels, waiting for network service interruptions. What do you say to that?

So, coming back to my initial point, now you see what the fuss  is all about. Get your user experience right, and thats a sure fire way to increase your app adoption.

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