Posted by:Leesa John December 13th, 2013

Mobile app security – overhyped? Yes. Absolutely essential? Yes. What with mobile commerce, massive convergence and BYOD, can anyone afford to ignore mobile app security? NO. Mobile applications are growing, and enterprise mobility as an industry is here to stay. So are the security challenges. So how do you serve up the latest tech while keeping the bad guys at bay? Here’s Why Mobile App Security Is So ImportantMobile app development and security issues

Check these stats out:

Over 1 million apps are available across platforms – apps for IOS, Android, Windows and others Over 100 million app downloads have taken place so far Nearly half of all tablet and smartphone users research online shopping options 15% of all online sales were made via mobile devices in 2013 (eMarketer) In 2013, revenue generated via smartphones is estimated to reach USD 25 billion Mobility drives more sales, greater customer satisfaction, reduced costs and better operational efficiency

Given all of this, the future looks very rosy for mobile app development companies, yes? Not really. We’ve Got Two Words For You – Data Breeches

Data breeches can be devastating. No, they ARE devastating. Not only can data breeches affect your bottom line, but they can destroy everything you’ve built up so far – customer confidence, loyalty, brand reputation.

What businesses need to do to prevent data breeches:

Define enterprise assets and how mobile apps use these assets Identify and prioritize potential threats Document threats events and corresponding actions – threat modeling Enforce sound app security processes to prevent unauthorized code manipulation Solid countermeasures: Application firewalls IP blocking Anti-virus Spyware detection Encryption and decryption Biometric authentication systems

Definitely not child’s play, all that. Now here’s a curve ball – mobile app security threats are evolving just as fast as apps are evolving? Will security threats win the day or app security? What measures do you take while designing and developing mobile apps to keep threats at bay? Leave your comment.

So, eager to learn why your business MUST take notice of Mobility ? Or want to decide which app is a right fit for your business? Download your choice !

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