Posted by:Srini Bhopal December 9th, 2013

Enterprise users love the iPad. It’s the perfect size for working on the go, ideal to carry around and fish out for impromptu discussion. Furthermore, iPad app developers from around the world have ensured that the 9incher does not lack enterprise grade mobile applications. Busy travelling executives can stay connected with work, build and craft strategies on the move, and actually enjoy the experience through the extended capabilities of the device.

And that’s beside the thousands of custom iPad mobile apps available on enterprise app stores – developed, designed and perfected for specific business needs and optimal productivity.

So what kind of custom mobile apps are popular with business users on iPads? What functions make a real difference? Here’s a list:


  • Easy scanning and signing of documents. The time and pain savings are immense and much appreciated when it comes to expense filing, studying reports, snapping up meeting collateral, etc.
  • Schedulers or task managers. Oh yes! The meetings and endless to-do lists with all the necessary paraphernalia – calendar, alarm, reminders, etc.
  • Project management tools. Excellent for managing and monitoring teams from afar.
  • Mobile Dashboards. What better than an executive dashboard when you need real-time visibility into key performance metrics of your business?
  • Contact and card organizer. Save valuable business cards collected during networking virtually and search them out as quickly when needed.
  • Note taking apps. Video, audio, text, image, photos, location based info, all kinds of notes can be sorted into folders for recollection later.
  • Mind mapping tools. The very thing needed when ideas flood in. Perfect for mapping ideas and strategies from the mind on to paper. Well, virtual paper is as good if not better.
  • File organizers: Naturally, all important files and folders should be available anytime, anywhere from cloud servers, in a secure manner.

A flight info app won’t be amiss either if the CXO travels often; they usually do. Maybe a translator too for some fun during the wearing sojourns. What would you like to have on your iPad during a business trip?

So, eager to learn why your business MUST take notice of Mobility ? Or want to decide which app is a right fit for your business? Download your choice !

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