Posted by:Srini Bhopal January 2nd, 2014

See, here’s the thing about mobile apps. They better be good. In fact, they better be great! If you want people to even bother looking at them, much less use them, that is. While a good app delivers core functionality in a never-you-mind-it’s-all-there way, a great app simply rocks. And that’s what you want.

Easier Said Than Done

So, all right, says the procurement manager. Get hold of some machine-generated code; or a form-based IDE. Get that app coded, for God’s sakes. It’s pretty much impossible to create a great app that way, never mind a good one. What you need is a fantastic mobile app vendor.


What To Keep In Mind

There are many vendors out there, and many of them will sound just like your procurement manager. Keep these in your mind, and you’ll get the right vendor:
  • User Experience: No compromises there. You want a solution that delivers optimized user experience across platforms. Your vendor can do that? Grab them; they’re pure gold.
  • Flexible Development Approach: Vendor furiously recommending their own approach? Never mind your timeframes, budget, audience and functionality needs? What you need is a flexible solution that supports your entire mobile strategy.
  • App Performance: So easy to talk about; tough to deliver. You want seamless connection to databases, core processes, security mechanisms, back-end and cloud-based systems. You want a scalable, time-to-market, low maintenance, high-performance, regulatory-compliant app. Vendor in line with all that?
  • Broad Service Range: What does your vendor offer? Only design and development or device and network management services as well?
  • Extreme IT Infrastructure Makeovers: To be avoided, at all costs. Oh, and if your vendor wants to change everything around, show them the door.
  • Support For New Environments: Is the vendor ready to work with various support frameworks? You’ll need cross-device customer mobility, especially if you’re pro-BYOD.
  • Pricing Model: Fixed-fee, flexible fee or outcome-based fees? What works for you?
  • Cultural Fitment: What fits your bill? Create artists, technology-obsessed geeks or management consultant type of vendor?
Let us know what are your priorities while choosing a vendor for mobile app development projects.

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