Posted by:Srini Bhopal March 25th, 2014

My son is home for his spring break from college and I have been observing how he does his work and socializing.

These are the lessons (admittedly, the sample size is woefully small! ) that I am drawing:

1. Landline phones are dead, the mobile RULES:

He has not bothered to connect an instrument to the free phone line his college provides in his dorm room nor does he see why we still use one at home! As far as he is concerned, his iPhone is a far superior device and he can never imagine needing a landline…

2. Texting and Whatsapp are the main channels of communication:

Not email, not Facebook, not phone calls! A constant barrage of messages back and forth is the way the communication is carried out amongst peers.

3. Laptops are not dead:

Given the stuff he does – working on academic papers, research, job hunt, games – not necessarily in that order, a MacBook Air seems to be the weapon of choice and not the iPad. So guess laptops are not going to be dead any time soon.

4. Wikipedia is a must have when watching a movie!:

No matter how riveting the movie or TV program, Wikipedia needs to be fired up to find information on stuff – actors, music composers, location,….. He feels that this enriches the overall experience!

5. Experiences trump possessions:

For him and his friends, the designer label clothes, the hottest cars, the latest speakers do not seem to have the same allure that they did for my generation! Going to new places, hiking a mountain, kayaking in yet another river or lake seem to be much more interesting.

6. Big name companies are a no go for a career!:

Except for Google, there is no interest in looking for a job in any of the big tech brand names! He and his friends are much more interested in finding their nirvana in start-up companies with interesting plans.

Hope the above helps inform your own journeys and interactions with the millenials. Share your thoughts!

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