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Custom Mobile Apps: Changing the face of healthcare

With mobile devices becoming inevitable extensions of individuals, the healthcare industry has embraced mobility to improve, innovate and transform the very way it works. From making it easier for physicians to engage patients to affording busy nurses precious extra time, mobile apps have come to benefit diverse stakeholders. Hospitals and patients alike benefit from the power of text, voice, data capture, real time critical data access that modern mobility provides. Be it profitability pressures, compliance or patient satisfaction and safety, mobility is geared to address challenges facing healthcare today.

What can mobile apps do for you?

Our whitepaper/eBook series deep dives into how mobility is easing the everyday pain points and inefficiencies faced by players in the healthcare system.

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Customer Success

BTC worked with one of the leading childrens’ hospitals in the world, to provide a mobility solution that enabled clinicians and nutritionists to assess data more efficiently and resulted in informed decision-making.

We provided an interactive interface for capturing survey responses from registered patients and their guardians on a mobile tablet. This integrated with the hospital’s core healthcare information system (HIS). The flow of data was facilitated through the use of Java based web services. The application seamlessly functioned with the authentication mechanisms and backend databases present in the hospital’s IT system.

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We build
  • Point of Care Mobile apps
  • Hospital Workflow Mobile Solutions
  • Patient Education/Engagement Apps
You get
  • Improved Clinical Productivity
  • Enhanced Patient – Physician – Hospital Communication
  • Increased efficiencies and revenues

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