Posted by:Nithin Rao February 9th, 2016

While understanding consumer behavior, there is a new trend emerging called liquid expectations. This means consumer experiences seep over from one industry to other creating expectation chasm. For example, a health consumer with or without his knowledge will expect the same level of experience from a hospital as he does from Airbnb or Uber.

To support this, a survey conducted by FICO Globally found that more than half of health consumers (54 percent) would like to use their smartphones more to interact with healthcare providers. This drastic shift by healthcare consumers today makes mobile health unavoidable for healthcare providers today.

That being said, it is not easy to migrate to mobility in a complex business environment like a hospital. There might be drastic changes in processes which need to be handled skillfully to make the system more efficient.

Here are a few apps which are easy to adopt and can be implemented to existing systems without any drastic changes.

General Information Apps

General information apps contain generic information related to hospitals like maps, facilities available, contact information, appointment booking portals, reminders, process related communication etc. This app can also be a great tool for marketing the services and facilities of the hospital.

Patient Engagement Apps

Smartphone sensors and wearable devices can be used innovatively to monitor the physical aspects of the body. This will help physicians observe patients in their natural environment. Wearable devices can be used to identify the trigger points in a physical condition that can cause damage to patients.

Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle apps are a special category of apps that can be used by patients or people with a specific condition. For example, an app can be used to help pregnant women in handling her pregnancy from beginning to end. An app can also be built for diabetic patients to maintain their diet and physical activity. Apps can also be used to promote healthy lifestyle and act as motivation for exercise etc.


Research Apps (Survey Apps)

Research apps today are gaining great momentum because of Apple ResearchKit. There is a wide scope to carry out the entire research using the framework. The research app can be used for recurring survey questions and can be made more intriguing using animation.

Mobile health carries a lot of benefits for the healthcare industry. It is important not only to get on the mobility bandwagon but also to use the technology to bring efficiency and value to all stakeholders. Planning for a mobile app already? Let us know and we can help !!

Learn how Apple ResearchKit framework can  be used for your research. Click on the Image to watch the demo!


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