MediDate – Mock study App


Mock Study App

MediDate was built as a mock research study iPhone app for the Medidata Symposium – October 2016 held at Phoenix, Arizona. The study, that was run by Medidata mHealth, aimed to identify trends in reaction time, motor skills and hand dexterity across the study population that consisted of Symposium attendees who volunteered to participate.

The App

BTC participated in the recently concluded Medidata Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona and had built a Medidata AppConnect-enabled mobile app called ‘MediDate‘ for use by symposium attendees. The app was a demonstration of the capabilities of Apple’s ResearchKit framework, Medidata’s AppConnect platform and showcased the potential of using mobile applications for research studies. Medidate was aimed at identifying trends in reaction time, motor skills, and hand dexterity of participants, across demographics, and as they vary with different times of the day and the associated level of activity.

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