Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 11th, 2016

There is no lack of innovations in medical research – in new treatments, drug development or findings ultimately directed at better health outcomes. But one area that is begging for innovation is ironically the one area that is moving the slowest – the area of making the whole process of research less burdensome to the participants and patients. Research participants give their valuable time to research studies and provide the data that the ultimate outcome is based on.Giving them ways to engage in studies in a way that makes it easier for them should be a top priority.

There have been technological innovations that help researchers, investigators, study sites and CROs,but the end user, the research participant, still hasn’t seen anything substantial, in terms of technology,to make their role in the study easier.

This is where application of mobile apps has huge potential. Participants are already used to using their mobile devices to do almost everything.Why not provide them with mobile apps to make the logistics of being in a study easier? Right from getting research study information to providing study data on their mobile phones, the possibilities are for the participants are many.

Consider a mobile research starter app with the following features:

1. A handy set of FAQs on the study

2. Informed Consent content on demand

3. Study Data Gathering Capability

4. Integration with device sensors and medical devices to get health data

5. Reminders to provide study data

Research participants can be better informed and will be motivated to provide data because it becomes easier to do so.

Apple has tapped into this space by building the iOS based ResearchKit framework, for developers and researchers to build robust research study mobile apps.And the ResearchStack for Android is set to launch and will support the same functionality for Android.

All in all, a great time to take a first step into mobile apps in the field of medical research!

Learn how Apple ResearchKit can help your Research.Watch this demo to know more!

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