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PayPal acquired StackMob. So what, you may think. According to StackMob’s LinkedIn page, StackMob provides the complete backend technology stack that enables mobile developers to quickly implement a custom API to store and retrieve data, write custom code, integrate key services like push notifications, social integration, and much more. Before you jump the gun, read it along with the Global Advancements, Business Models, Technology Roadmap, Forecasts & Analysis (2012 – 2017) report that says MBaas market will be worth $7.7 Billion by 2017.

The Four-Tier Story

You know the three-tier web architecture. Well, Forrester recommends a four-tier architecture for mobility. Why? Think about the network variations, demand load and third party app integrations. To tackle these, Forrester suggests splitting up the technical capabilities into the following tiers: client, delivery, aggregation and services.

The Emerging Role of Aggregators

UX is the key in mobility. And you know only a stable and consistent backend could offer a great mobile user experience. So trying to fit in the web architecture on to mobile devices will not be a good idea. mBaaS providers offer that extra layer for mobile apps to access backend systems, integrate with third party platforms, and support application services to offer a great user experience.


As you choose…

Does this year look packed with mobile app development projects for you? Are you planning on employing an mBaaS solution in your enterprise? Then, ensure your mBaaS solution,
  • Has native SDKs for all the major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5 etc.
  • Offers cloud based storage for your application data.
  • Accommodates native push notifications in enormous numbers.
  • Allows user management services and user authentication via Social accounts such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter.
An mBaaS solution would improve the productivity of your mobile app developers by letting them focus on developing the core mobile app than on other nitty-gritties.

So, your decision on choosing the right mBaaS will decide your enterprise mobility success. Share your thoughts on mBaaS solutions. Would you utilize one in your organization? Leave a comment.

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