Posted by:Leesa John January 22nd, 2014

In 2012, HTML5-based web apps took the mobile world and the internet by storm. We’re at the dawn of 2014 now and the trends are shifting again. For starters, mobile web apps are essentially mobile websites accessed on mobile devices via mobile browsers. They are not downloaded from app stores and that makes them different.

The big question is, which app development strategy to choose – mobile web apps or native mobile apps. Before we start a debate, let us look at some of the key trends that favor mobile web apps:


  • In the next five years, mobile traffic is going to increase monumentally; there’ll be a greater need to display the same information across various browsers. Responsive web design is the way to go.
  • Older mobile platforms will give out to newer ones, even as web capabilities increase. This will cause a decrease in native app implementation in the business world. Enterprises will prefer to embrace web app development to avoid the risks that native apps present.
  • Popularity of mobile apps is already on the decline, with many enterprises focusing on developing improved website features. Web apps are definitely more cost-effective, a fact that does not escape savvy enterprises.
  • The trend in web apps is a shift towards tailored and personalized user experiences, so the gap between web app UX and native app UX will narrow.
  • The need for cloud-compatible app portability across platforms and databases will necessitate portable applications.

Coming back to the mobile app development strategy – mobile apps go through a tight cycle – what’s absolutely right today becomes untrendy in a few months. So, carefully evaluate your needs against upcoming trends, budgets and evolve a blend of strategies that works perfectly for your unique requirements.

Would you choose the internet-enabled, SEO-friendly mobile web apps over native apps? Leave me your thoughts in the comment box below – I am up for a discussion.

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