6-10 years

Sr. Software Engineer is needed to perform the following duties:

  • Plan, develop, test and document computer programs applying knowledge of programming techniques and computer systems.
  • Responsible for Comprehend complex functional requirements.
  • Analyze user request for new or modified program, such as for telecom, financial or health care application to determine feasibility, cost and time required, compatibility with current system, and computer capabilities.
  • Prepare flow charts and diagrams to illustrate sequence of steps program must follow and describe logical operations involved.
  • Translating functional requirements into technical specifications.
  • Write manual for users to describe installation and operational procedures.
  • Provide technical assistance to program user/s.
  • Building software components as specified using Java programming languages.
  • Assess, modify, test programs/applications, maintaining and supporting systems and databases.
  • Analyze and pull data from various sources using SQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, on Unix, Linux, Windows platforms.
  • Design, development, debugging, performance tuning of enterprise applications.
  • Analyze, review, and alter program to increase operational efficiency or adapt to new requirement.
  • Design and implementation of web services.
  • Build QuickSight (AWS) dashboards for client reporting.
  • Maintain application server (using AWS EC2) and database servers (AWS RDS PostgreSQL) and other IT infrastructure including Cognito for user Authentication, S3 for backups
  • Domain setup using AWS Route-53 (AWS) for networking
  • Firewall setup and maintenance (using pfSense) for network security.
  • PBX setup and maintenance for internal telephone communication.

 Bachelor’s Degree is required in  Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Computer Science and Engineering.

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