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Java is the leading language of choice. – Due to a global enterprise need for platform portability, flexibility and scalability, availability of vast open source resources combined with the maturity and stability that the technology offers.

BTC’s deep experience in Java frameworks, web services, scripting languages and UI design combined with our flexible development approach enables you to focus on your business and technology needs while we take care of development. Think of us as your extended technology team.

BTC’s development expertise includes complex web application development, SaaS enablement, customization of existing Java applications, features and performance optimization, system integration, and technology migration spanning domains such as insurance, ecommerce, finance, hospitality, medical devices and healthcare.

Our expert Java technology team have successfully implemented lean and agile solutions of varying degrees of complexity across industry domains. Our Java development services include:

  • Custom application development – end-to-end services
  • Migrating legacy applications
  • Web application development
  • Customizing third party applications
  • System integration
  • Application enhancement including refactoring
  • Re-platforming
  • Support and Maintenance

Technology Competency

We have delivered complex applications with end to end development ranging across the various layers shown below:

  • Persistence Layer

    Data and content manipulation is carried out in the persistence layer, along with integrating the database to application logic and workflows. A persistence layer helps to achieve stable performance and interoperability using WSDL, UDDI, SOAP, XML/XML Schema and HTTP specifications. Object-relational mapping enables easier decoding and code maintenance, saving time and effort, application flexibility to accommodate code modifications, replacement of underlying database, and the access mode with minimum effort reusability with multiple apps accessing the same database code, and quick development by division of development tasks.

    At BTC, our teams work with open-source persistence frameworks such as Hibernate, iBATIS, JDO, Castor,

    MyBatis, and MySQL as well as native Java capabilities such as custom ORM programming, JDBC, JPA, JCA, and JPQL.

  • Business Logic Layer

    The business logic layer is where the entire processing takes place before data is sent to the presentation layer. Isolating this layer from other application code leads to improved performance, easy configuration and maintenance, scalability, reusability, extensibility and robustness.

    Our teams work with you to gather and analyze business requirements before designing and developing the business logic layer. We follow standardized processes and methodologies to collate information and document code. Our in-depth knowledge of SOA and ReST web services architecture enables us to build code that conforms to SOA integration principles and JBI specifications.

    We use open source web frameworks such as Struts, Spring and EJB to develop the business layer

  • Presentation Layer

    Our in-depth expertise in jQuery, AJAX, JSF, GWT, Flex, and Spring frameworks help us to deliver intelligent and easy-to-use user interfaces for customer applications. By incorporating innovative and intuitive display elements that support dynamic data visualization, context driven controls, cross-platform layouts, etc., our teams overcome the challenge of rendering sophisticated, interactive and user-friendly UIDs while hiding the business complexity inside.

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