Cloud Infrastructure

Dear Technology Leader,

This one hurdle is slowing you down in your job.

An acute shortage of skilled people to transition to multi-cloud infrastructure – be it AWS or Google Cloud Platform.

“Servicing and using our multi-cloud solution, not the actual platforms, has been our hardest pain point. Can’t just say ‘let’s move this to the cloud’; we need knowledge and support from skilled resources with experience.”

“One of the mistakes we are making is trying to create our own solution. I would rather have a real partner.”

Google Cloud AWS

Despite the hurdle, your peers are embracing a massive shift in the industry.

Organizations of all sizes are rapidly shifting to the ITaaS model – from building IT to consuming IT.


of enterprise customers are on multi-cloud.


use more than one public cloud provider.

It is because with the cloud comes great opportunities.

  • CapEx to OpEx Savings.
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Anywhere accessibility of applications, data, and services
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade
  • Enhanced IT security
  • Ensure business continuity

With opportunities come challenges.

For Technology CxOs:

Pain Points

  • Managing the OpenStack platforms is hard
  • Security and compliance are constant challenges
  • Skilled resources to manage OpenStack are rare to find


  • Accelerate time-to-value
  • Modernize IT
  • Embrace digital transformation


  • Solve for agility and technical debt
  • Deliver new products to market
  • Reduce the cost of operations
  • Build future-ready platforms

For Heads of IT:

Pain Points

  • Limited staff to deliver change in a complex technology environment.
  • Stay relevant to provide the latest features to the application teams.
  • Secure the environment to meet business compliance requirements.


  • Effective project delivery
  • Efficient process management


  • Deliver projects faster and at lower costs

Overall, challenges revolve around three key aspects.

  • Movement between clouds
  • Connectivity between clouds
  • Consistency in managing the cloud infrastructure.

Great challenges need people with great skills.

For an organization to thrive on a multi-cloud setup, IT leaders need support from a certified talent that has experience in overcoming challenges at the deeper level:

Great challenges
Great challenges

Leverage BTC’s certified and skilled talent.

A team of certified experts at BTC takes responsibility for the management of your cloud infrastructure (servers, storage, software, network, bandwidth). The team monitors the complete infrastructure ensuring continuity of business.

Technology Expertise:

Cloud Technology:GCP, AWS

Container Orchestration:Kubernetes (k8s)


Ticketing Tools:ServiceNow, JIRA, Workfront, Redmine

Containerization Tools:Docker, JIB

Special Skills:

Monitoring Tool:Nagios, LogicMonitor, Zabbix, SolarWinds.

Automation Tools:CI/CD

Synthetic Tools:Witebe, Alertsite, ThousanEyes

Cloud Technology Expertise:

  • Compute Engine
  • App Engine
  • GKE
  • Cloud Functions
  • Firestore
  • Cloud build
  • Artifact registry
  • Cloud Run
  • Dataproc
  • Cloud CDN
  • Cloud Storage
  • BigQuery
  • Operations
  • FHIR
  • PubSub

Deploy a multi-cloud POD straight away.

  • A BTC team dedicated to and deeply embedded into your operations.
  • 57600 hours of collective experience in setting up and maintaining multi-cloud infrastructure.
  • The team has implemented multi-cloud projects across GCP, AWS, and Azure.

Our People

Nitin Kulshrestha

Nitin Kulshrestha

Chief Technical Architect

Cloud Practice Lead and Principal Advisor to enterprise and mid-size organizations across the healthcare value chain.


Ranjani Rao

Chief Technical Officer

Leads the projects on technology strategy for enterprise and mid-size organizations across the healthcare value chain, with a focus on multi-cloud deployment.

Benefits of BTC’s multi-cloud infrastructure services.

For Technology CxOs

  • Minimize risk and uncertainty using standard and pre-integrated frameworks.
  • Access to a highly trained and motivated resource pool.
  • Offload own resources from base activities to generating business value.
  • Use a consumption-based IT model.

For Heads of IT

  • Reduce project risk to get the OpenStack platform in production.
  • Deploy a proven solution and SLA-based service for the business operation.
  • Manage security requirements and legacy IT integration.
  • Deploy identically in on-premise, dedicated, or public cloud to scale faster.
  • Keep total control and visibility of the platform.

Our people make offshore delivery feel like next door.

India offers technology talent trained in the finest engineering institutions with English as the primary language of education and workplace communication. Additionally, most of our staff has experience working for offshore delivery centers of major US corporations in India.

Leading enterprises trust us.

Client Logo

Projects we have executed

Massive improvement in operational efficiency for SafeDose. Inc.

We helped SafeDose Inc., a clinical software provider, to improve its operating efficiency and reduce costs by re-engineering its applications, and migrating and rationalizing its cloud infrastructure. This project involved cloud migration from Rackspace to AWS, and continuous support for the new cloud infrastructure and applications.

Digital transformation for the FDA.

For the FDA, we digitized the process that physicians follow to request expanded access to investigational drugs. The digital transformation project involved: (a) setting up the AWS cloud infrastructure. (b) building and supporting enterprise applications adhering to regulatory compliances (HIPAA, FISMA, NIST guidelines).

blue cote

“I was really struck by their depth of knowledge and their ability to convert our needs into a comprehensive product.”

Wendy Terry, Founder, My Gene Councel


“Boston Technology Corporation was able to support us end to end from articulating functional specifications and technical design through application delivery. We value the strong and positive relationship we have built with the Boston Technology Corporation team.”

Stephen Buscema

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