Posted by:Srini Bhopal December 15th, 2013

Legacy migration is a huge project that many business heads push back for as long as possible. But if the holdup costs you your customers, what then?

As a new age business, you would want to leverage latest technology to offer customers the best experience you can deliver. After all, what company can afford to lose its edge when the market heat is at an all time high? It’s just too easy to lose a customer to a more savvy business that serves up mobile apps, cloud solutions and 24×7 availability and access to services.


But however much you may want to ramp up custom software development and go modern, it’s not a decision that can be made lightheartedly. No business decision can, of course, but the decision to modernize a legacy app is a frontrunner for sure.

The mammoth legacy system that automates hundreds and thousands of everyday processes – the mere idea can send shivers down a CTO’s spine. But the important questions to ask are:

Is the maintenance and management of the legacy app sucking away your budget?

Is the legacy app generating the business intelligence you need?

Is the app churning out data that enables timely business decisions?

Does the app integrate data across departments to allow meaningful analysis?

Is it integrable with new technologies that enable mobile and cloud access?

If not, you’re losing out … big time. Sure, legacy app modernization is not the easiest of tasks but if the white elephant takes you down with it, who’re you going to blame?

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