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Technology has always played an important role in driving business forward. The invention of the computer and Internet allowed us to reach new markets instantly and efficiently. The rise of wireless meant we were always connected to our clients and allowed us to expand our networks across the globe. The next game changer for business has arrived: mobile technology.

For medical device sales reps who spend their lives on the road, smartphones and tablets are more than just a portal to email. They create a mobile work station, a virtual hub from which sales reps can operate more efficiently in the field. Here are a few ways mobile technology is shaping the future of medical sales:

An all-in-one productivity powerhouse

Successful sales reps carefully manage their time to generate great profit for their companies. A carefully planned route, notes on clients and sale status, calendars, and task lists are organized through apps by these fast-paced professionals. A planner, GPS, and notebooks can help them achieve their goals, but they are limited in their functionality.

Smartphones and tablet apps provide sales reps with the same tools, but they conveniently packaged in one device right at their fingertips. For instance, sales reps are using their basic tablet and smartphone calendars to organize their sales calls with detailed notes on the client and location. Many calendar apps also integrate easily with map applications such asGoogle Maps, giving sales reps the tools to plan the best routes for the optimal number of sales calls.

With the multitude of organizational apps for sales reps to choose from, includingWunderlist, Evernote, and Omnifocus, productivity is soaring. Some of these apps are even voice-controlled, and give sales reps the ability to track sales from pitch to close, whether in a call or on the road.

Keep data safely contained

One of the biggest challenges IT professionals face is keeping proprietary data safe and contained. When sales reps use mobile devices in the field, it provides another avenue to control where and how information is stored.

IT professionals know the importance of requiring password protection for all devices, but there are a number of other options to secure mobile devices. If there is concern about information sent over email, companies such as Good have developed secure solutions for electronic communication between devices. Sales reps can ensure they are connected to the Internet over your secure VPN at all times. Finally, you can utilize one of the many Mobile Device Management software options to protect the data and control configuration settings on the devices themselves.

Tools for killer presentations

At the end of the day, reps close sales with killer presentations. With a strong line of medical devices, and with the innovative use of mobile technology, sales reps can take a “show me, don’t tell me” approach during sales calls.

Rather than pass out folders for potential clients to idly leaf through, sales reps can now command their attention by using video, animated demos and data charts. They can also provide previews of software using tutorial apps available right on their device. This approach engages the potential client, giving them a taste of all your software has to offer.

Connected sales force, satisfied clients

CRM software is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships with clients. In fact, CRM has been shown to increase sales by up to 29 percent. Mobile devices provide sales reps with the ability to connect with your system from anywhere.

When your sales reps are constantly connected, they are able to stay on top of your clients’ needs. Their ability to provide immediate attention to and solutions for client issues will not only help maintain your current client base, but also will help build an excellent customer service reputation to attract new business.

New uses for mobile technology in medical sales are cropping up all the time, but one thing is certain; mobile technology will drive business, increase sales, and change the game for medical salespeople moving forward.

What do you think? How is your company utilizing mobile technology to generate business?

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