Posted by:Shyam Deval June 30th, 2014

The pervasiveness of Mobile as a critical channel in customer, employee and partner engagements continues to grow rapidly with every passing year.  And yet use of mobile for BI is still something that users continue to resist.  It’s partly because many ‘mobile first’ BI vendors continue to struggle in providing a level of maturity in their tools when it comes to critical functionality such as offline access, security and interactive consumption of BI.

But according to a recent study of Mobile BI market by Dresner Advisory Services, this segment of the BI industry may finally be turning a corner when it comes to user adoption. The momentum for Mobile BI as a key mobile application in the Enterprise has reached a critical mass, especially in SMB companies and industry sectors such as Retail, Manufacturing and Technology.  Clearly small to medium size companies in these very competitive industries see Mobile BI as something that will help them differentiate by providing significant incremental value to their people.  Move to Mobile BI also comes more naturally for the smaller companies given the nimbleness and cultural flexibility they must possess to compete and stay relevant.   Not surprisingly though as has been the case with overall Mobile industry, Asia continues to lead the way in adoption of Mobile BI with North America and Europe slowly catching up.

Where is your company on the Mobile BI adoption curve?  What are the successes and challenges that you have faced when moving your BI initiatives to be more ‘Mobile-centric’?  I would love to hear your stories.

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