Posted by:Ranjani Rao January 3rd, 2013

Mobile application development is at its peak and the device that is winning hands down as a productivity tool is the iPad, especially iPad 2 and later as they come equipped with a camera. And we’re not just talking enterprise but society at large in areas ranging from archaeology to Hollywood shoots to police patrols.

While mobile applications have gained significant momentum in the smartphone world with Android and iOS ruling the market, the uptake on tablets has been largely driven by the iPad. The camera allows field workers and mobile technicians to shoot videos and photos for record keeping, taking notes, and a whole range of tasks. The size and weight of the tab is ideal for portability and ease of use – such as entering data, annotating images, etcetera.

A recent slideshow published on reveals the many applications of Apple’s legendary tablet. The iPad’s intuitive and streamlined interface is ideal for non-tech savvy users to use it with minimal training. Combined with a range of iPad optimized mobile applications, the iPad is going places.

Some iPad use cases as revealed by Tom Kaneshige in the slideshow are:

  • Customer management by retailers: According to a report in the Silicon Praire News, a coffeehouse owner uses the iPad ShopKeep’s Web app to call customers, cross-sell, keep records and analyze shopping behavior.
  • Archeological equipment: iPads are being used by archeologists to take notes, click pictures and annotate them, make sketches, and create a pool of information instantly.
  • Reference tool for public speakers: iPads are being used by politicians and other public speakers to keep their speech on track via reference notes that can be carried easily and modified anytime. iPads are even helping Hollywood actors remember their lines during shoots.
  • Aquatic communication: Research scientist Jack Kassewitz used an iPad as a language interface with a bottlenose dolphin. Other researchers are replacing clunky laptops with iPads for data collection in the field.
  • Recordkeeping and data collection: Binders and spirals of paper are being replaced by the iPad in construction companies and other industries. Field workers can quickly jot down details on the iPad and sync with the central data center instantly.
  • Artistic creations: Artists are using iPad apps such as Artrage to create inspirational art on the go. Intricacy and delicacy are being woven into the iPad with technology and mobile apps.
  • Sports plans: Coaches can quickly draw up game plans and strategies for a closed room session with the team.
  • Military equipment: Harris Corp. is developing an iPad app that will let U.S. soldiers in war zones remotely control cameras mounted on tethered balloons and other unmanned aerial vehicles.
Other iPad use cases include:
  • Healthcare patient guide: An iPad app created by Boston Technology helps patients communicate with doctors for a personalized optimum healthcare experience.
  • Flight assistance: Pilots are using an iPad app from Boston Technology that enables them to tap into runway information at specific airports and arrive at an optimum landing speed based on parameters including aircraft, runway and existing weather conditions.
  • Critical operations: In the town of Haverhill in northeast Massachusetts, 6 plant workers share an iPad to troubleshoot problems in the water treatment plant 24×7, using the ProficySCADA app from GE Intelligent Platforms.
It seems the sky truly is the limit with the iPad. What’s liberating is the fact that an idea or need for a mobile app can be recognized by just anyone and mobile app development companies such as our own will help it see the light of day.

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