Posted by:Ranjani Rao June 22nd, 2016

As someone running a business or providing a service, you must have jumped onto the mobile bandwagon already or you have plans on the anvil to go mobile. We live in exciting times where mobility can be intertwined with the Internet of Things to give your customers the next level of convenience and features that were only imagination till a few years ago! Something to consider if you are the kind who believes in leading the way when it comes to the best user experience with your offering….

So what additional edge does an IoT solution give you? Let’s look at some possibilities:

  • Data, and not just from the mobile device
  • Connecting to sensors that detect and capture information can give you a gold mine of data that you can use to draw actionable insights on factors that influence consume behavior and product/service performance metrics such as for example, ‘context-of-usage’ information . This when applied to provide real-time service adjustments to your customer via their mobile app can make a huge difference in how they would rate you!

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • People often appreciate the intelligence of devices more than that of humans! Ironic, but true! But use that to capitalize on how you make someone marvel at how your device or app just ‘knows’ what he/she needs? Use the power of IoT to detect when a patient’s pills are getting over or when someone’s oxygen levels are dropping, send out a mobile based push notification to the caretaker to provide help or automatically place an order for pills via a mobile app.

  • Cognitive Insights – the human touch
  • Cognitive IoT is a super-powerful technology platter of machine learning, natural language processing, video and image analytics and text analytics – one or more of which could be applied to data streams coming in from devices, sensors and networks, to communicate and take decisions like humans typically would. The key here is to have a human-like response to situations be it mood detection, tone analysis or context-based judgment. Have chat-based mobile help in real-time as customer walk around your store looking for goods suited to the weather outside. Or have a camera capture your customer’s face when they visit you and leave without making a purchase, machine-identify their likely age group and send them notifications when you have goods in stock that would interest them. Or equip your car customers with mobile apps that get warned when the driver exceeds a speed limit or drives a tad bit too rash!

  • Next-gen Automation
  • IoT when used with mobility, can automate several things for you and for your customers. An interesting example is monitoring inventory stock and having top-up orders placed automatically, with the person in-charge getting a push notification each time an event of this nature takes place. We always had auto-debit in banking – the concept can be extended to a lot of actions that you need to manually do on a periodic basis and which need a set of typical steps to be taken. Next-gen automation with IoT is going to pave the way for greater efficiency and productivity in enterprises. When an employee is armed with a supercool mobile app that is networked with intelligent devices and sensors, they can focus on other areas that still need manual time such as people management, process improvement , public relations and outreach, research and development etc.

    That was a quick talk on the power of IoT and mobility combined. Got ideas or want to actually do something in this space? Reach out to us for assistance in finding your sweet spot!

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