Posted by:Ranjani Rao June 24th, 2016

IoT devices are going to be generating huge amounts of data that will drive research and analysis, provide insights, identify patterns and predict outcomes.

But the most common and perhaps the most human centered IoT experience will be around the area of health. From sensors that detect falls in patients to pill boxes that signal when refills are needed, the scope of IoT and wearable devices in health care are big, and not all of it hype.

Between the IoT device and the user there needs to be a medium – a medium that receives data from the IoT device, makes sense of that data and shows it to the user in an easy to read format. This medium can also send data and messages back to the IoT device. This medium is usually a mobile app running on a mobile phone.

Smartphones supplement the IoT ecosystem by acting as the medium of communication between the IoT devices and the user.

Building mobile apps that supplement and enhance the use of IoT devices is key to the success of the device. Enabling rich features, smooth user experience and seamless interaction between users and IoT devices can happen only through a well-designed mobile app.

The first wave of mobile apps served the consumer, the next wave of apps was for the enterprise. The coming wave of mobile apps is for IoT devices.

IoT + Health + Mobile it is!

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