Posted by:Ranjani Rao August 2nd, 2011

Apple’s latest OS version iOS 5 is expected to arrive on Apple devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch very soon. The operating system was unveiled at WWDC 2011 back in June, along with the phenomenal iCloud service. iOS 5 has some exciting new features that will greatly enhance the user experience of home and enterprise customers. And with the iCloud service, you can upload your documents, photos, music, videos and other files to the cloud and access the same from any iOS device. Imagine the time and space savings, not to mention the convenience of anytime access.

A lot of customer feedback has been implemented in iOS 5. Not only are the new features useful, they also strengthen Apple’s competitive stance, meeting popular apps such as RIM’sBlackBerry Messenger and Amazon’s Whispersync technology head-on.

New features of iOS 5 include:

  • Notification Center for email, texts, friend requests, and more that can be accessed with a swipe even from the lock screen.
  • iMessage to securely send text messages, photos, videos, contacts and locations over WiFi or 3G to other iOS devices, along with read receipts and the like.
  • Newsstand to organize news and magazine subscriptions in one place with automatic updates and addition of purchases.
  • Date and location based reminders integrated with iCal, Outlook and iCloud.
  • Twitter integration with Safari, Photos, Camera, YouTube, and Maps with location based info.
  • Instant camera access from the lock screen on iPhone.
  • Improved photo editing features and iCloud photo streaming.
  • Enhanced Safari features – tabbed browsing, reading list and Safari Reader.
  • Wireless activation of iOS devices over the air. Backup and restore also works using iCloud.
  • Formatting and functional changes in Mail along with a free iCloud account.
  • Improved calendar UI with year view on iPad, event attachments, and sharing on iCloud.
  • WiFi syncing of device with PC/Mac.
  • Game Center enhancements.
  • Four or five finger multitasking gestures on iPad.
  • Video mirroring with AirPlay via Apple TV.
  • Improved accessibility features.
Of course, with the added pros come the cons. Enterprise customers are worried that accessing messenger and camera from the lock screen, iMessage, and iCloud storage could create security pitfalls. This can be remedied if Apple opens up APIs to enable fine grained control for IT managers to police transmissions. As yet, Apple hasn’t talked about any APIs it will provide to MDM vendors for the same. Till that happens, many of the latest iOS 5 features will be looked on as risks rather than advantages in the enterprise space.

Meanwhile, Apple has released the updated SDK of iOS 5 for iOS Developer Program members. The SDK contains over 1,500 new APIs and powerful development tools. If you have the right skills, jump right in with the iCloud storage APIs, Xcode, Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), Newsstand kit, Core Image, GLKit, iOS simulator, new Game Center APIs and start innovating.

Look forward to lots of exciting stuff on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 5 this fall.

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