Posted by:Nithin Rao September 4th, 2015

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What are the different kinds of mobile apps? Native apps, hybrid apps and mobile web apps. Well, then there is a fourth category of apps – mobile cloud apps.

Is it hard to predict what kind of mobile apps are they? In a single line, these are mobile apps hosted on cloud. They need not be always accessed via mobile browsers. Mobile cloud apps could be built to run on a specific mobile OS or multiple mobile operating systems.

Dropbox is a classic example of a mobile cloud app. It could be accessed from the app installed on your phone or via a mobile browser. Data is generally stored in cloud, unless while working in a completely offline mode where data is stored locally to be backed up later. It also allows scheduled data back up and data compression.

Mobile cloud app sounds very similar to mobile web app right? But they are different. Mobile could apps are more advanced to support virtualization technology and sophisticated to support multiple requirements of various users (multi-tenancy). In that sense, mobile cloud app could be called the next generation of mobile web apps.

Who should build mobile cloud apps? Any business that is developing mobile apps for internal use or for customers can have mobile cloud apps. Enterprises can essentially benefit from

  • the secure data storage options
  • the ease of data sharing/integration and
  • the ease of managing these apps compared to native or hybrid apps Would you consider building a mobile cloud app over native app in your enterprise?

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