Posted by:Nithin Rao August 19th, 2016

The moment one speaks of the Internet of things we are reminded of countless sensors, wearables and smart devices. These only show us the consumer facing technology which is already a reality in many cases. There are also many companies that are advancing such consumer facing technology in rapid speed. But, this is just the one side of the story!

When we speak of IoT technology developers, the name that will surprise many people would be that of GE (General Electric). Yes!

The company that builds mighty engines for airplanes amongst others. This might be a surprise but its entry is a bold, transformative and necessary step in its evolution.

Industrial Internet of things, which has promised a lot for improvements in industrial operation efficiency has remained a mere buzzword for a while now. The biggest impediment it is trying to jump is that of the mammoth data it will produce and making sense of this data. This involves seamless data collection, storage, analysis, and effective visualization of data.

Such complex management of data needs a lot of technology working a in systematic manner. GE has started an all new cloud based “industrial operating system” to improve productivity and efficiency.

PREDIX a cloud based operating system and platform for building applications that connect to industrial assets, collect and analyze data to deliver real time insights for optimizing industrial infrastructure and operations.


It is very important to note that it is not just another PaaS service but acts as an operating system for all the numerous assets in any industry. Let’s take GE Aviation. The GE enabled flights on daily produce 500petabytes of data (500 GB of data per single flight).This is massive by any standards. This has to be collected, analyzed and presented to the right audience in real time. The data collected over a period of time will give data based insights for various stakeholders.

PREDIX is built on cloud foundry open source technology. This enables millions of developers all across the world to develop the platform with new features and upgrades.

PREDIX enables three things mainly : connecting machines; implementation services and delivering different apps.

This is definitely a game changer for industry internet of things. We will definitely see more advancement and multiple companies utilizing this platform in the near future. You can find more information about the platform here.

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