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Identity and Access

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Our IAM policy is structured to manage access control by defining who (identity) has what access (role) for which resource.

  • Identity and access management (IAM) is essential for security and regulatory compliance. Without the right skills, strategy, and support, it can also be a significant undertaking. Identity and security experts are required to help you architect and manage solutions across Multi-cloud and hybrid environments.
  • BTC helps plan and execute an IAM strategy that meets your security, compliance, and business agility goals.

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    IAM Solution Benefits

    Permission to access a resource isn’t granted directly to the end user. Instead,
    permissions are grouped into roles that are granted to authenticated principals.

    IAM Solution Benefits

    IAM standardization

    An IAM structure that meets the needs of all stakeholders and is adopted across the environment, streamlining processes and management.

    Multi-factor authentication

    Design infrastructure that protects user identities from any misuse.

    Plan the right IAM process

    Customize an IAM architecture with the right cloud-based platform to replace or complement your on-premises infrastructure, align to business and security goals, and focus on user outcomes.

    Optimize and continuously improve

    Deploy an accelerated ‘time-to-cost’ model by expanding your cloud identity solution with fully-managed automated operations.

    Work with BTC to manage cloud resources centrally with fine-grained access control.