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Say hello to IBM MobileFirst.

As an IBM partner for the MobileFirst Platform Foundation, we help deliver best-in-class solutions to drive productivity, engagement and returns on mobility initiatives. Let us transform your business today.

Roadmap and Strategy

We help build a holistic mobility strategy centered on the IBM MobileFirst suite of products.Beginning with a thorough evaluation of business processes, existing mobility investments and future growth goals, BTC domain experts can  help you gain key ROI.

With the increased demand for mobile apps that will take advantage of the exploding popularity of smartphones and tablets, enterprises are looking at an entire suite of business apps as they look to mobile-enable their enterprise systems. A key consideration that arises then is the TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership) of these projects – from the cost of application development to infrastructure to the lifetime costs of running, maintaining and updating these apps. Thats precisely where a platform solution like IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation can result in significantly reduced TCO costs.

From ensuring right decisions are made about enterprise apps, devices, storage, security to the efficient development, maintenance and management of these apps, BTC’s expertise is with you, every step of the way.

End to End MobileFirst Mobility Projects

The mobile is everywhere and has significant implications for the enterprise. The plethora of devices, platform fragmentation, faster development lifecycles, the many third-party and open-source tools, frameworks and libraries all make it a complex undertaking in any enterprise.

Add to this, the ability to seamlessly integrate with critical backend enterprise systems from databases, CRMs and of course, the cloud. And the true magnitude and complexity of mobile initiatives is apparent.

That where you can count on our expertise. With technical proficiency on the major 5 components of the MobileFirst Foundation, we can help you create value with from every single mobile app. Our expertise spans

MobileFirst Studio – A development platform for coding, testing and integration of native, hybrid and web apps.

MobileFirst Application Center  – Helping create enterprise app stores to distribute mobile apps.

MobileFirst Server – To provide stronger security and multi-level authentication for mobile apps.

MobileFirst Device Runtime – A client-side runtime code that embeds functionality that can interact with the MobileFirst server.

MobileFirst Console –  A web-based user interface for monitoring and administering the server and deployed applications

The Integration Value-Add For Enterprises 

What is of key value to enterprises with the IBM MobileFirst Platform is the adapter, which serves as a transports layer used to connect to various backend systems.  Used for retrieving information and performing actions, the adapter adds immmense convenience by 

  • Supporting multiple integration technologies and back-end systems
  • Supporting read-only and transactional access modes to back-end systems
  • Facilitating faster deployment
  • Enabling secure authentication when creating connections
  • Assuring enterprises of transparency and scalability.

Dedicated Development Teams

The phenomenal global growth of mobility has led to a shortage of skilled mobile professionals. BTC has a ready team of domain and technical experts who have experience in understanding a customer’s business and technical requirements and architecting a comprehensive mobile solution.

We provide accomplished technical architects, UX engineers, developers, domain experts and UI developers, with significant experience in enterprise mobility. Strategic Staffing, Team in a box or Function in a box – whatever your requirement maybe, we have the right team to complement your mobile architecture, design, development, deployment and integration efforts.

The value add that the BTC extended team can bring you

  • A thorough analysis of your business requirements and their translation to specific system, application architecture and solution.
  • Quality design, development and delivery of technical solutions
  • Subject matter expertise on the MobileFirst platform

Managed Services

BTC’s MobileFirst Managed Services enables hassle-free and secure management and distribution of of apps on corporate devices. We provide seamless enterprise integration, enterprise app stores, app security, content management, user management and app enhancements and maintenance services.

Through the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, BTC can provide 

  • An integrated management console to ensure appropriate role based, secure access.
  • App Distribution and version management
  • Direct version upgrades, security patch updates and push notification management
  • Content Management and App enhancements
  • Overall app maintenance

Next Steps…

Have questions about technology, platform,  process, pricing? Our expert solution advisors will be glad to help you! 

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