Posted by:Nithin Rao October 4th, 2016

IBM Watson In Healthcare: What You Should Know?

In the previous blog we looked at the potential of IBM Watson in healthcare. In this blog we will look in detail of how it is of use in various sections of healthcare.

Evidence Based Diagnosis

The biggest and much needed area of healthcare is that of the evidence based diagnosis. Today, shockingly only 20 percent of the knowledge physicians use to make diagnosis and treatment decisions today is evidence based. This is resulting in one in five diagnosis are incorrect.

IBM Watson is of great use here. The evidence or the past medical record that we are talking of is mammoth and it is literally impossible to make a sense of such data by humans or simple analytical platforms. The data is unstructured, usually in natural language and is doubled every five year.

IBM Watson has the capability to analyze and make a sense of such massive amount of data. The evidence based diagnosis will be much more accurate with the Watson insight.

IBM Watson for Oncology

The cancer study involves handling large volume of data, medical records and clinical trials. The Watson has the capability to analyze the structured, unstructured data and clinical reports and can be compared with patient’s personal information. IBM Watson is working with MSK cancer research center are collaborating in this project and looking at real life application of IBM Watson.

IBM Watson and Medtronic

This collaboration between IBM and Medtronic tries to solve of one of the most common Type 1 diabetes problems. The Medtronic built device will help in predicting hypoglycemic episodes. The Watson will look at the tremendous amount of data from the medical records and setup an alarm 3 hours before the seizure onset. This will help in avoiding devastating seizures by taking effective precautions.


Johnson&Johnson IBM Watson Partnership

J&J is planning to launch an app that will help patients with knee replacement surgery with recovery. The collaboration which will act as a virtual coach will help in recovery of patient with Watson’s AI and analytical skills. The app will provide targeted encouragement and treatment plans.

Under Armour and IBM Watson

Under Armour and Watson are planning to revolutionize the fitness app with a Cognitive Coaching Powered by IBM Watson. The app will have the Watson analytics under its armour which will help in cohort analysis with various medical sources and provide you with accurate health, fitness and nutrition insight.


Apple and IBM Watson

Apple partnered with Watson and now the researchers can use the Watson analytics to store and analyze the ResearchKit data. You can learn more about the partnership here.

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